Tuesday, January 29, 2008

after 4 months post transplant

I went to the hospital yesterday. Now the follow up is once in 2 weeks. My blood results were good.
The wound over the chest is still there but it has so much contracted and I am doing the dressing my self every two days. I just wondered why the previous tunnel tract became thickened and hard and I could feel a tightness everytime I turn my head.
I have lose about few kilos since a couple of months ago, but I am still above my usual body weight. My hairs getting more appreciated but it still thin and as I can still see the scalp underneath.
I have been calculating on when is the best time that I could go back to work. The best time could be when the antirejection pills (which now on tapering dose) completely stop in another 2 months or maybe I can use the "hair test" i.e. when the hair is thick enough and completely covered the underneath scalp, then, that could be the best time. Hahaha..... Hopefully eveything will go as planned.
Any better ways?


k.hawk said...


Good work. see, i told u so...

Robin said...

Hey Wolverin,

Great to know things get better and better!

All of us are missing you so much!

See you next week?

Robin said...

Hey, one request - latest picture with baby hair? Yes?

Darna said...

Hi Wolverin,

Good to hear that you are doing sooooo much better.

Hey thanks for the card. I was touched.....

sbanboy said...

Great to know that u r doing fine :)

Superman said...

You have very good blood count! So good to see that.

Thanks so much for the meaningful card you sent.