Monday, August 13, 2007

beautiful lunch

Beautiful Lunch! At least that was the 'theme' called by one of my friend to describe the whole thing. I had a lunch with all my really close friends somewhere around Bukit Kiara last weekend. It was a 'cool' place with reasonably economic price. It was my idea to have the lunch togather before I got 'isolated'.

Actually, among us, we started to frequently meet recently, not because of any kind of ordinary meeting to run a project, but more of a casual 'teh tarik-like' dating. I can feel that having such kind of meet up if not lessen my anxiety toward the upcoming transplant, it has somehow increased my morale. Someway or rather, having to know that you are being circled by caring people around you, can built up our inner strength, the strength that always come togather with courage, courage to fight upcoming obstacles.

We really enjoyed, not only by various taste of foods but also various reasons to talk, giggle and laugh togather. Even more, I was suprised by the gift that has touch my inner sense.

I knew my friends only just past a year now and if the whole relationship is hard to be described in term of words that we used to utter, this 'little beautiful booklet' has assured me that it is not the length of time that determined how closed you are in your friendship, but it is none other than SINCERERITY that bonds the relation. I was amazed by that little book, not only because of the 'gorgeous look' but more importantly I was amazed by the sincere effort that has been put into it. Dear friends, thank you....I will not forget the moment we treasured along.


MC said...

What else is more beautiful than true friendship? Just knowing each other for about a year, the bond is growing in our heart and we all feel it. Beautiful lunch - because we have each other. Thanks Dr R for every single thing. And also other great friends!

Mrs Grumble said...

lunch ker dinner ker always great for me....
asal makan...betul tak JATT
Great to know, to have and to be with you all........
Pray always be with you....

Pat said...

Well, I am mad that I missed this dinner!!!!! really I was there in spirit and thinking of you guys the whole time.

Well, now we need to have another one in same place next time I see you.

Bakawali said...

hi ajak,

I am so glad you have close friends around to support you through this ordeal. sometimes the tests in life that we go thru gives us the opportunity to meet true friends

Good luck for the transplant,

Palmdoc said...

Hi Dr. Razak.
I'm sure you'll do well as you are in excellent hands.
Greetings and best wishes from the Malaysian Medical Resources

Shah said...

True, life is even more beautiful when you're surrounded by friends and family that provide you with unconditional love and support. Keep up the high spirits.

Anonymous said...

There's a book worth reading, written by a journalist, entitled "C is for Cancer". The author had very different trials and experiences from those Dr Razak is going through, but we can all learn from one another. Dr Razak, we shall pray for you. You'll have people who care about you and pray for you, every step of the way, during and after your transplant.

Xavier Sim
GIPAP Physician,
Sarawak General Hospital,

Anonymous said...

Really admire your courage. Praying hard for you. All the best.

Hospital Melaka

Fan said...

My big brother,
This word always remind me Challenges is always a changes!!!