Saturday, August 25, 2007

tooth story

As part of pre-transplant check-up, I have to undergo a dental clearance. Not to 'clear' all my teeth but to make sure that I don' t have any potential source of infection from any nasty caries. I went to Oral Surgery clinic and apparently, my 2 previous filled teeth has to be redone. So, I got it redone, but after the procedures, I noticed that one of the teeth gave me a terrible pain. I went back to the dentist, only to be informed that I could go for 'Root Canal Treatment'. Knowing that I will only have another 2 weeks before my tranplant day, I chose to have the tooth extracted. It was the advice given by the consultant, though.
At first, I thought it's going to be a simple one, it ended up with a chilling experience since they (the dental team) couldn't pulled my stubborn molar tooth out. The next thing was they have to use blade and surgically removed the tooth by piecemeal (split the tooth, then take one root after another!). The moment the high speed machine touched and doing the cutting job was the moment that I could feel my head was going to explode! And the 'explosion thing' went on and on for the next almost one hour before it all done.
Anyway, I really thanks the team for their hardwork. The post extraction pain was not that bad but I really have that kind of asymmetrical face for the next few days, as if that I always have a durian seed inside my mouth on one side. The swelling has subsided and the bruises from the hematoma on my cheeks started to fade off.
Oh..what an experience.


Superman said...
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Superman said...

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for sharing this experience. I had been through this operation before. It was very painful but it feel good after recovery.

I wish all the best for these preparations.

Much love and take care.

Pat said...

Wow, doctor, no wonder I never see you on skype. Your experience seems like horror movie!

Hoping for no more ugly tooth stories.

Take care!

Robin said...

Well guys, Dr was having breakfast with Robin this morning! He can eat everything now! :-)