Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BMT survivor

Yesterday I met a guy who is a bone marrow transplant survivor at the clinic during follow up. He was good and we chatted a lot and I had a chance to gain much real experience from him.
He had the transplant about 5 years now and still doing fine. According to him, his journey through the transplant period was not that complicated, and I could see that, since he has a lot of positive thoughts from the way he talked and I think it has greatly influence his recovery process. I did ask him what was the thing he was afraid most. He said, the loneliness. Unfortunate for him that he has nobody to company during the one month acute stage. He told me that its great to always have somebody around during the isolation time.
I would consider that I am still a lucky person though. Despite knowing that I am going through a big 'battle' ahead, I have everything around me. My family, friends, my position that always make things easier for me and etc. I have quite enough and readily 'armour' to stand behind me. I think the transplant is not the true real enemy here, but the ill feeling that lies inside is the one that I have to overcome so that it will never suppress the courage.
To that guy, thanks again. It was a great pleasure to inspire your great experience.


Robin said...

Dr Razak, for sure you will not be lonely! Unless you chase us away!

Pat said...

Dr Razak, the team will be there so much you might have to kick them out sometimes.

if you can have access to the internet, I will be there too. So, I think the bases are covered in this aspect.

You are almost there!!!!

Superman said...

Dr Razak, You are not alone for sure. There will be one of us there waiting to talk to you when you are in there. If I'm not online but be sure that my mind will be around with you.

You can make it, Doctor..

rope said...

mr r, rest assured you are not alone. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Time will pass quickly and before you know it, you will be back with the rest of us again.
i hope you have access to the net and a cell so that we can all keep in touch.
our prayers are with you. gd luck!

Syima said...

Be strong on facing THE DAY. WE will always with you and support you.

'When LIFE gives u a thousand reason to CRY, show that u hv a million reason to SMILE. Keep smiling & enjoy LIFE no matter how hard it may seems!

'Ain Nasir said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Razak,
All the best to you. Be strong and Allah will always be with you, InsyaAllah.

-Salam dari Russia-