Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the counselling

On 17th July (Tuesday), we (my family and I) met the hematologist for a counselling. Thanks to them for being so supportive all this while, especially my mother and my younger brother and sister who has to come all the way from Johor.

The counselling was handled brilliantly by the hematologist. My wife and family members were able to follow and understood the problem and why the transplant be the utmost option now. Every single uncertainty was cleared. Having to understand is an easy one but going to accept the journey I am going to take is much harder.
Basically, I will be warded in to BMT ward one week earlier than the donor. Then a 5 days course of chemotherapy drug will be administered. This is called 'conditioning'. At the end of 'conditioning', the bone marrow is harvested from the donor before it is transfused like a usual blood transfusion. From day one admission, I will be quarantined until approximately 4 to 5 weeks when the 'new' marrow started to take over and started to produce new blood cells.
I can't imagine to be alone and isolated from the people that use to be around me especially my children. Fortunately my wife will be allowed to intermittently stay with me and hope she could lessen my isolation and keep bringing the 'outside world' into me.
What could I expect during the process?...from what I read it can be physically, emotionally and psychologically debilitating experience. Walking, sitting, reading and even talking may require more energy than what could I spare. And thinking about all the complications and how complicated it could be, will just add another pile of anxiety on me. However, the hematologist seem to be optimist and if he could make me believe him, why should I unnecessarily be frightened.
My younger brother was never hesitant in giving his willingness. I always knew that he will. For the information, I have another 4 siblings ( one elder brother, one younger brother and 2 younger sisters) and having a 35% chance of matched blood (HLA typing), I was lucky since he has his blood HLA-type matched. On the contrary, the rest of my sibling matched among themselves.
The counselling ended after one and a half hour. Ironically, everyone in my family member were in cheerful we always do. Especially my younger brother who always be the center of attention (when it come to making jokes). I remembered how naively he asked the hematologist if his smoking 'trait' will be passed on me... and cynically the hematologist answered that he will and stop smoking, he advised. At the end of the counselling session, everyone keep giving me support. I have a clear and prepared mind now. I just have to mentally prepared and cross my finger and leave it to the God Almighty.
The time will be around first week of September and a few more investigations and check ups need to be done. Hem.. I started counting the days....


One of your supporters said...

Also, you have all the supports from me, your local friends and also your oversea friends!
You are always our prayer and you have us around.
Hmm... I have to start thinking how to keep you connect with us while we are not allowed to pay the visit. Perhaps we could write and paste our message outside the room, and you read it from itself. Possible?
You will be fine, Dr Razak!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Razak,
You will not be alone as we will always be with you. Every single minute, we will see you through your transplant and recovery. Thank you for allowing us to be with you through the blog.
Pat, The Max Foundation

Viji said...

Dr Razak thanks for this sharing - kudos and salaams to this marvelous generosity of spirit that shines through your words , your demeanour , your eyes !!
We are all there crowding ourselves into your heart and mind and with your family through this new adventure in your life - just let us know what we can do and it will be done - Love and hugs as always