Friday, July 13, 2007

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Below are pictures of my self, my family and friends.

My figure used be this size (obviously this was after I successfully get rid some kilos of unnecessary accessory from my body). I didn't have a digital picture when I was overweight (ehm....).

This pic was taken a couple of weeks before I was diagnosed. We did a birthday party/ prayer for my 2 kids since their birthdates are closed to each other. My figure resembled when I was medical student- 65 kg. I lost about 10 kg.

My pics with my two kids when we went to Langkawi a few months after I was on Glivec (the CML medication). I gained back my weight with little extra...and further extra now.

And this pic was taken after 8 months taking Glivec (during our first CML group gathering). I am getting fairer and fairer. Thanks to the 'side effect' of Glivec. The other side effects are transient intermittent facial puffiness/edema, nagging night legs cramps, upper limbs edema which were quite tolerant.

The latest pic of mine with Dr Ng (Malaysian Hematology Society president), Dr Vivek (Novartis Oncology representative), Pat ( the founder of Max Foundation) during the 2nd CML gathering in Malacca- celebrating 5th anniversary of GIPAP (Glivec International Patient Assisted Program). * the cake is too small right!

My beloved committtee members of MAXFAMILY. From your left Sister Tan (Transplant Ward Sister), Ghandi, Shikin, Sahimi (Painting Artist), Fan, Jatt (Shikin's husband), Razmi, me and the smallest girl and most hardworking Mei Ching (the Max Foundation representative of Malaysia). I always admire their enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

We are the best team coz we have the best president!

Robin said...
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