Friday, July 20, 2007

retrospectively....true stories of silly jokes

Listed below are some of my experiences a few months before I was diagnosed with CML that will make me smile and even laugh.

1. My closest friend keep bugging me to tell him the secret of keeping my weight off and I keep telling him that regular workout and carrying weight will definitely do. Always walk around with a heavily filled knapsack (thick books that presumed you could read anytime) on your back and never use the elevator. It is actually the leukemia that has increased my fat burning works.(Never listened to silly advocates!).

2. A few months before I was diagnosed, I also had a couple of occasion where I had a large bruise over my thighs . On both occasions, I didn't realize if I ever hit my thigh at anytime. I ever thought that it could be from some benign blood disorder but I never bothered to take any blood test. (Never think that doctors always clever on taking care of themselves!).

3. Previously, I used to take 'half-rice' ( nasi separuh ) during each meal. And even then I could hardly finished it. Thinking that my stomach had shrunk out from a volume controlled diet, I never knew that it was the huge spleen that already taking most of my abdominal space and causing early satiety and easy fullness after each meal. (If you are an orthopedic surgeon with an appetite problem, seek for help!)

4. Spleen again: I once had a left sided back pain and afraid that it could be from the kidney stone, I asked my fellow radiologist to ultrasound scan my left kidney, but there was none. If she could have move the scan deliberately (which I refused), we could have found the huge spleen staring at us. (Next time let the expert do the job professionally!).

5. My encounter to the hematologist (who is taking care of me now) was not a first time. I had called him before to discuss on one case that involved both of us (please read my personal experience post). And now I keep seeing him more frequent than before but this time as a patient. (Doctors should always feel that they can get into a real problem too).

Moral of all the above stories, never ignore whatever other people said even the slightest things around. Just sit and think down to the earth. If you are a doctor, don't forget to care of yourself too...please.


Wirat said...

Dear Dr. Razak,

Thank you for sharing your stories. You have said many wise things that I can use for counseling my patients. I often think of you and always pray for you.

You are my hero, Dr. Razak.

Very much love,


Bakawali said...

Hi ajak,

Glad to see you sharing your story online. I remember the day I found out you were sick and I was so sad... you are a good friend and a good person.

I hope things will work out well. My prayers are with you and your family


John F SeaDemon said...

Dear Doc,

I got this link from Dr Lynn. I really don't know what to say.

All I can say is you must be the greatest of dads and the greatest of husbands.

Be prayers are with you.

InnShan said...

hi, I'm Inn Shan. I'm a 2nd year medical student. I came across your blog from another site that has linked to you.

I hope God will guide you through this moment. I pray that you can find inner peace amidst the condition you are facing.

Be strong. Have faith. :)

MelayuSejati said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Razak. Hope u r fine and in a good conditions now. We at MAX family miss u a lot.

CML caregivers