Saturday, November 17, 2007

day +59 post transplant

Yesterday, I sent my wife to the university for her exam. Moral support!...Then the whole day I was just spending my time with my kids. It was the last day of school before long school holiday and my son took the chance not to attend the school. He got a few reasons not to go, no class and activity and the other thing was his friends also did not go and they all had plan! What an excuse...I should think of what program I should fix for him. Otherwise he will be at my neighbour's house all day long during this school holiday..


Robin said...

Hi Wolf,

So now you will have to be a full-time papa cum nanny!

Good luck to your wife in her exam!

Storm said...

Hey papa Wolf,

please let us know what you come up with, we will take notes for future reference.

May be you and him play videogames...or may be he takes photos of you and you place on blog!!!!!