Thursday, November 22, 2007

day +65 post transplant

I went to the hospital to recheck my blood test. All my cell count didn't changed much or further went down. Most probably because the doctor has stopped the anti viral infusion temporarily. However, I am little worried since the kidney function was not that good. In fact one of the result showed significant increment within a week. I still believed and hope it will be temporary and will improved when the doctor decided to reduce the anti rejection next week.
Anyway, my general condition hasn't changed much. I felt weaker and more nauseated especially towards the evening. I also felt more thirsty even though I have tried taking as much water.

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Robin said...

Hey Wolf,

Just do one thing now - focus on recovery and you will get better gradually. Talk to yourself and please talk to our angel too.

Let's wait for review on early coming week. The team will definitely do the needful.


Meanwhile, go slow when you feel weak in the evening.