Tuesday, November 27, 2007

day +70 post transplant

I am not really feeling well. A bit weak. May be my Hemoglobin is a bit low and I tend be breathless even after simple task like talking too long and after shower. So, I just rest a lot.....


k.hawk said...

heyy, don't feel down. it's a rather normal response when ur cell counts r lowish. make sure u get enough rest and don't overdo urself. u'll pull thru, believe me.

Storm said...

Rest Wolf, rest; smile at the success of 70 days post transplant!

We are all impatiently waiting for your full recovery, so hurry up and slow down and everything will be ok.

Life is beautiful!

Mrs Grumble said...

Gathering on 100th day?
Storm, Robin, Amma, Pumpkin Boy, Superman, Darna, and MR Wonderluggage?

*** refer yesterday entry comment please, TQ

Storm said...

Well, gathering on 100th day would be superb!

ptteoh said...

One thing that I learn from the past is to find something that you really like to do (eg hobby) to occupy your mind. That will help.You will focus more on what you are doing rather than the recovery process itself. It gives me peace of mind.
Note: It's a great achievement, you have come so far.

Regards, Poh Tiong