Friday, May 30, 2008

last 2 weeks

Sorry for not writing in the blog for quite some time. Since I came back from Kelantan for that event, I was not that well. I used to have headache and dizziness. And after that I went to Shah Alam for my PTK course ( on job training course) for 8 days. The schedule was tight when we have to do a lot of assignments and most of them have be completed before we go back. Towards the end of the course, I was hit by a fever, cough and flu and to some extent I had to skip a couple of classes and the group discussion session. Anyway, its over.I have another long assignment need to be done and I have another 10 days before I need to pass it up.
Next week I am going to Korea when my scientific paper was accepted to be presented. I never expected it to be accepted anyway since I was invited to attend CML leader summit in Milan end of next month. I think that I should not miss this summit since it is a good place to meet those people from all around the world.
Oh yes, I met my doctor yesterday and after telling him all the increasing symptoms that I am having lately, he was a little concern that my GVHD efffect is showing more than limited that he want to see, and it has cause some quality of life issue. He advised that I should restart on steroid again. For your information, I continued to loose some more weight and I am as wasted when I was first strike by CML last 2 years ago. This is partly that my appetite is not doing good and I have a limited choice of food due to my mouth problem. I hope that this could be temporary as I am always wanted to be back to what I am..

Monday, May 12, 2008

another leap and reach out in kelantan

10th May was another leap for us. This year, our mission is to reach out more CML community outside of Klang Valley. HUSM which caters most CML patients from Kelantan and Terengganu was selected to be the event venue. Thank you to HUSM Hematologists for being so supportive in making this event another sucess for us and a good start for the local CML community.
The turnout was great and unexpectant despite half of them comes from some distance kilometres away. Thanks to the patients and their families. We learned a lot from the workshop, obviuosly we learned from them. We learned that the approach may be a bit different and tough but we believed we have done something worthwhile and this was showed by patients eagerness and how they are so looking forward for the next meet up!
I flew back on the same day in the evening and felt so tired but so much glad that it was another great great happening.
Next week our mission will continue in Penang and hope it will be another great leap...