Tuesday, January 29, 2008

after 4 months post transplant

I went to the hospital yesterday. Now the follow up is once in 2 weeks. My blood results were good.
The wound over the chest is still there but it has so much contracted and I am doing the dressing my self every two days. I just wondered why the previous tunnel tract became thickened and hard and I could feel a tightness everytime I turn my head.
I have lose about few kilos since a couple of months ago, but I am still above my usual body weight. My hairs getting more appreciated but it still thin and as I can still see the scalp underneath.
I have been calculating on when is the best time that I could go back to work. The best time could be when the antirejection pills (which now on tapering dose) completely stop in another 2 months or maybe I can use the "hair test" i.e. when the hair is thick enough and completely covered the underneath scalp, then, that could be the best time. Hahaha..... Hopefully eveything will go as planned.
Any better ways?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 weeks after the surgery

The wound over my chest became smaller after 2 weeks of everyday dressing. I guess it will completely closed in 1 week or so. The previous Hickman's line tract is still hard and at certain area became a nodule-like mass. Just hope that it is not another collection of infection. The whole last week, I went to the hospital where I work to have the dressing done and I took the chance to meet my colleagues in the department. Some of them suprised since it was their first time we met each other after almost 4 months. Great to meet again the people that you used to work with and it makes me so excited to come back to work...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the surgery

I was admitted in the surgical unit last week. The surgery to explore the wound on my chest went well. There was an infection over the previous Hickman's line scar and the surgeon had to debride (clean) and removed the opening and extend the wound. Now I have about a 5 cent coin (but deep) size wound on my chest and get it cleaned and dressed everyday.
Otherwise, I feel much better. My blood count was steady except that my Hemoglobin still low making my stamina a bit low......

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

good and not so good news

My last medical review revealed that the virus was not detected on the last blood checkup. This was the effect of daily anti virus that I got for 2 weeks. Good!... in the sense the it will not interfere with the blood cell production anymore. Now my platelet count continue to rise, whereas the white cell count stabilize within the normal range.
My kidney function has return to normal. I was not on steroid anymore and my full moon face has been less appreciable and my weight started to reduce also.
Now, the not so good news is that I have my previous Hickmans line tunnel infected. I noted that the previously completeled healed wound started to break down and continously 'wet' and when I compressed the area it was painful and pus started to come out. I took a course of standard antibiotic but it didn't help. I guess either the germ is more aggressive or the infection took deeper.

Anyway, I saw a general surgeon today and she advised for a minor surgery under daycare tomorrow. I will be admitted tomorrow morning and the operation will be under general anesthesia. The site still painful and I guess the low grade infection had caused me a bit lethargic past few days. I hope it will not become a chronic problem. My appetite? Still catching.....