Wednesday, April 22, 2009

frequent infection...

I have noticed lately that I can easily caught by viral-kind like infection i.e. intense muscle and bone and joint pain, chills, rigor and even intermittent fever. I think it was not more than 2 weeks ago when I really had bad symptoms together with breathless chest pain before I got it again 2 days ago. But this time it was a shorter course without any treatment.
I told my hematologist when I met him during follow up yesterday and he said, it could be a 'normal' happening to a person who's taking Glivec regularly. Glivec could to some extend may have interfere T lymphocyte  (white cell) function that used to fight common infection. He continues advised me to take  a course of antibiotic whenever I have any sign to suggest that it is bacterial infection. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

finally reached home

I found this in Barcelona

I spent a day and 2 nights in Barcelona at my friend's place. Not like in Lisbon, here I really had great time since he brought me to all interesting places and we just walked from one place to another the whole day. We went to the Olympic Stadium, Sagrada Familia, Arch de Troimph, Gaudi park, the marina and every street in the city. Finally we ended up walking for almost six hours.
Since he stays at really at the center of tourist street (Las Ramblas), I can see lots of interesting things just down stairs away.  This street has lots of art stuff. From painting, street musical band and even pantomine (human statue).

I flew yesterday and reached home safe. Tired but relieved. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ola lisboa!

I managed to skip early from the meeting today as the afternoon session was for meeting for members of the society. So, I took the chance to quickly changed and got down to the street for outing. Knowing that I have very little time, I took the city tour bus (hop in and hop off) for city sight seeing. However, I did not hop in and off since I was in the second last bus of the day! So the pictures that I took only taken from the top of the double decker bus. Still interesting though!

I got down at the last stop of the tour bus, took a short walk in the commercial and tourist street, bought somethings to bring home before I took the normal bus and got back to my hotel before it's dark....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

transit in amsterdam

I am in Amsterdam airport now and waiting another 6 hours before depart to Lisbon. I ll be there for 4 days attending the European Pediatric Orthopedic Meeting before drop by Barcelona to visit my friend who is doing attachment there.

It s quite cold here and I hope the sore throat that I am started to have now is not getting any worse. I have noticed that I could easily get sore throat and flu recently. Hmm.. I forgot to bring antibiotic along...

MaxFamily is holding a small workshop in the east coast (Kuantan Hospital) on this weekend and again I could not join them. Anyway, there will be a few more workshops coming ahead and I will make sure I am around.