Saturday, July 18, 2009

july workshop

As now we have to ensure a regular workshop every 3 to 4 months, today we achieved another mission and as usual, we had another significant event in Ampang Hospital. After the introduction of the workshop, I had a chance to give a short talk to the audience on what is a support group all about. Why we should have one, whom it is meant for and how can everyone in the CML community can uphold the group. I also showed to them our 'handsome achievement' so far... after exactly 3 years it was first initiated, we had 16 workshops (not include today's), 2 outstation camps, twice charity ward visit, 2 international event, 5 issues of newsletter, our website and a blog. 

The event continue to follow with an art therapy, a session where we encourage audience to express themselves onto a piece of paper and share them with others in the hall.

During this workshop also, a few press media came to give a coverage. We do hope that we will better known to the public and make people aware of our presence in this challenging  world of living with leukemia.