Thursday, February 26, 2009

first workshop for 2009

We will start to kick off our program this year with our workshop in Hospital Ampang this coming Saturday 28th Feb 2009. Unfortunate for me that on last minute I have to go for a meeting in Port Dickson representing my department for hospital meeting. So much upset especially we are planning to unofficially launch our society to our patients during the workshop.
Anyway, I believed the rest of my friends @ core group members can do without me around. So sad that I ll miss the exciting moment... Good luck my friends. Now we all have to work harder.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

blood test and short vacation

Me, my wife and my 2 kids are going to Singapore today. I am meeting the Singapore hematologist at Singapore General Hospital for some consultation and blood test. Since I used to have blood test sent and done in Singapore all this while, this time I need to have another one sample taken 'fresh' from my vein. The result later can help in countercheck the similar test if Ampang Hospital started their own. If the value has not much difference, I don't have to have six monthly regular blood test sent to Singapore anymore. 

I took the chance to take my family along to have a short holiday....

Ooh, last night, me and my group celebrate after MaxFamily Society has been approved as a registered society.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

very much awaited good news!!!!

Guess what? MaxFamily is now a registered society!!!! The letter got to me today and theofficial  registration date was 30th January. After almost 2 years waiting, amending and keep amending the documents for application, we are now a legal society. 
In another word, there s a lot more work to do.....but now I need to go to sleep first because it s late now. Tomorrow. I ll get up with a whole new spirit and enthusiasm.