Monday, June 16, 2008

repeat blood test

I went for follow up the week after I came back from Korea. My blood sample also taken for repeat PCR test (to be sent to Singapore) and I hope the result that will come in next couple of week will show some reduction in the residual disease. Otherwise, there would be some change of plan, I guessed.
The doctor was happy when I told him that my appetite is getting better and my mouth is not as 'tight' as before after I was restarted on steroid. Hmm...talking about steroid, means that I will be bloated again, bug by the gastric uneasiness and labile mood. Anyaway, it is good that it can control the GVHD effect from overwhelming and do more harm to my body. I will be on monthly Immunoglobulin infusion for the next few months to boost my body immune.
My face is still full of acne like lesions from the GVHD effect but its okay. Oh yes, my weight haven't gone up yet. May be I should eat more and get back my 5 kilos, as been advised by the hematologist.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jeju Island

I dropped by Seoul while waiting for my next flight to Jeju in the afternoon.

The quite town of Jeju City in summer.
I came back back from Korea yerterday. It was a great trip and Jeju is a nice and quiet place to stay. It was summer and the weather is still cold and windy. The meeting was good and I learned a few more new things there. My paper presentation was also great when they were impressed with my study. Anyway, I managed to find time to take a short trip to one of the tourist attraction the day after my presentation. We (me and my friends) took a bus from hotel and stop at this place Seongsan Ichulbong where the mountain rise peak located. It is located at the east of the Jeju Island and it took us one and a half hour to reach there by bus.
This mountain crater was once a small volcanic eruption under the shallow water and later became a small island which people come to see the spectacular view sunrise (of course I didn't manage to see since we reached there almost noon). We have to climbed 1.8 km up and that was so exhausting even after we have to stop a few times. It took us about 30-45 minutes but the view was so much rewarding.
We were welcome by this Uncle 'Dolharubang'

The crater at the mountain peak

The view of the town from the peak

'Hallabong', the special orange only planted in Jeju Island

We went back to the hotel by taxi since we were too tired to be in the bus again and I managed to catch the workshop of the meeting that afternoon.