Wednesday, September 30, 2009

summary after 2 years

Post Transplant Period: 2 years and a few weeks
Remission Status: 3 times molecular testing: Undetectable for BCR-ABL protein
Current Treatment Status: Still on Glivec and to maintain indefinitely until next good news?
GVHD Status: Since last attack on the lung, no major issues
Blood Group: Must have converted to A+ve (my donor) from O+ve
Weight: Back to pre morbid status
Height: No loss of height
Hair: Longer but not as thick as before transplant
Skin: Getting fairer again from Glivec effect.
Appetite: Better
Career: Back to work almost one and a half year now and planning for subspecialty training attachment next year abroad
Stamina: At par..but can be down after exerting too much
Experience: So much to share........

Sunday, September 27, 2009