Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dear all Muslims


I do still remember what the feeling was a year ago when I was still in the recovery period when there were still a lot of restrictions. Let me tell you, at this moment when everything seems coming back to your life, you may not remember how hard it was during the difficult times and you may not even remember that you have gone through those days. That's why, always believe that at any time you feel it is so much difficult, there 's a lot more time where everything seems so easy. Always say thanks to Him.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday was my 'first birthday' since I was transplanted and growing with 'new blood'. It was 18th September 2007 when my brother kindly donated his blood. Looking back to all those days, it was full of emotions and I am glad it was not that bad, at least if I were to see other patients who may have more difficult journey. I would say it was a journey with amazing experience and having said that I always feels that I am always a more fortunate person despite the burden from the transplant and that is how I appreciate the whole thing.
And now after one year, I have got back my 'life'. I have started working and doing my usual stuff (operating and seeing my patients in the clinic- half of them were not realized my 'comeback' and those who did, ask me why I am not as 'white' as before!). I have gradually catched up with my study (I got an exam next year) and started to plan my fellowship attachment now.
I am also getting back on track with the CML support group and I guess there are a lot more to do. People and friends around me always tells me to take it easy and do not stress out. Yes, they were true since my physical and mental may not have reach my previous level, yet. I do always get 'bugs' and it will take a longer time for me to completely recover. But on the other hand, getting back to 'work' make me feel more healthier and lively. At least they see me like what I was before and more 'brightful'.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

'down' for a few weeks

I have not been writing for quite sometime because I was not really well for the last few weeks. It took me longer time to recover from common flu and throat infection. Furthermore, I guessed my 'stamina' was also not that at par. I have been travelling a few times past few weeks and I noticed that I was easily exhausted.I took leave from work a few times during that time when it was really 'down' for me.
I managed to join the Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru small meeting with CML patients. Even though it was not like as big as our previous meeting/ workshop, it still means a lot to the patients and they really appreciated our visit.
Among the patients (half has gone back before picture session) with the doctor and us.

I also managed to attend my wife 'big day'.

Finally, selamat berpuasa to all muslims.