Monday, December 15, 2008

thank you 14th december 2008

thank you all my friends*, who's willing to spend

spending your time
for kids who will always be in your mind
spending your effort
for something little out from your pocket
spending your smile
for aching both legs after walking more than a mile
spending your heart
for exhaustingly working so hard
spending your loves
and sharing it with us....

*my friends are those contributors, volunteers, ward doctors and staff and all the kids and parent in the ward

Saturday, December 13, 2008

it all set!

Some of the books

Hampers, gifts and bags are ready

MaxFamily is visiting Pediatric Ward tomorrow! I felt so happy that the responds from the contributors were huge. We had a 'packing day' last week and now it all set.
We will be in the ward from 9.00am to about lunch time. We have a great project called "Smiling Pillow", a small craft making activity with the patients in the ward, a small idea that I am sure will turn into an exciting and fun thing do togather with the kids later. Apart from that we are bringing clown with his stuff and magic joke and Santa Claus that will surprise them with gifts.
Thanks again to contributors, my friends and volunteers.

Packing day