Thursday, October 1, 2009

what is a support group

When I first got to know that I have a leukemia, I almost confused with my own reaction.To be exact, I did not know how should I react. Slowly I noticed that a lot of emotions started to come in... feeling sad, worried, afraid and anxious to know what was the next thing that could happen to me. Frankly, I did not turn into tears until I started to break the news to my love ones, one by one.
I presumed that I will be okay since I am myself a doctor, and thinking that I am still fortunate to be always in a situation where everything done on me was in the shortest time and most convenient possible. I never felt that I need to share with other people burdened with the same problem like mine. I knew that I could have control on myself, I could find answer to any issue and think I could walk this journey alone without trying to find somebody like me to share the problem along.
Until one day, someone and few others like me, sit, talked and shared things that we have in common... i.e. living with cancer. From then on, I started to realize that it could wasn't me that need helps, but out there , there is always somebody who desperately need to talk to someone. Someone whom they feel could understand their feeling and relate what they are going through.
Now, I have made my own conclusion. Share what ever piece of cake that you have, you are making someone happier. That is what support group meant for..... it is a place to give and to receive...

CML awareness month

My dear friend and followers, on October 1st, the Max Foundation open an awareness campaign to support CML survivors and each other around the world, by uniting people everywhere in the fight against cancer. Read on to learn more about how you can participate no matter where you live at: