Saturday, July 18, 2009

july workshop

As now we have to ensure a regular workshop every 3 to 4 months, today we achieved another mission and as usual, we had another significant event in Ampang Hospital. After the introduction of the workshop, I had a chance to give a short talk to the audience on what is a support group all about. Why we should have one, whom it is meant for and how can everyone in the CML community can uphold the group. I also showed to them our 'handsome achievement' so far... after exactly 3 years it was first initiated, we had 16 workshops (not include today's), 2 outstation camps, twice charity ward visit, 2 international event, 5 issues of newsletter, our website and a blog. 

The event continue to follow with an art therapy, a session where we encourage audience to express themselves onto a piece of paper and share them with others in the hall.

During this workshop also, a few press media came to give a coverage. We do hope that we will better known to the public and make people aware of our presence in this challenging  world of living with leukemia.


Robin said...

it was another beautiful workshop, and I truly feel very proud of the group!
I was sitting at the back to listen to your presentation, and Wolf, I felt all the hard work and energy and love that we have poured into the group are all paid-off!

Thank you, to all who have came to make another great success!

Fan said...

Congratulations to MF for another great workshop!

Life is Beautiful!

ajak said...

yes, it will not possible too if it is not without you. thank you

Storm said...

Dear gang, and where are the photos??? some of us were unable to make it but still please post photos for us to see.

keep on keeping on!

your BFF

arsaili said...


Unknown said...

Hi, Dr. Razak,

I happen to chance upon your blog at one of the blogs I happen to visit.

I like to share a book that was introduced to me by a friend. Hope it could be of help to you.

Its title is "What your doctor doesn't know about nutritional medicine may be killing you" by Ray D Strand, MB



umi_e said...

salam... jalan-jalan dan tersinggah di sini... semoga terus diberi kekuatan dan kesihatan oleh Allah SWT...

CT said...


Datang menyinggah dari blog Arsaili...semuga Allah akan terus memberi kekuatan pada anda!

ajak said...

terima kasih umie and CT and TQ arsaili