Sunday, December 13, 2009

great meetings

There were 2 great meetings for 2 consecutive weekends for Max Family and definitely has added another great milestone to the group achievement.
First, for the first time our charity visit happened at kids orphanage home. Smiles and laughter filled the house especially during the coloring and games session. We were so touched knowing that all these kids has been deprived of love and we do hope that our presence has brought ' a sincere piece of love' to share with.
Second, yesterday, I met with a quite number of JB CML friends and caregivers. Successfully, at the end of the session, they have formed their own group. This has been Max Family's vision i.e. each region/ centers to have their own small local support group and to work independently in the future. This also will make them self-empowered at a group level and hopefully they will be able to create a sustainable CML awareness at their local areas.
It just reminded me on how me and a few others has started the group 3 years ago.....:-)

Oh yes, my lung function test has showed some improvement from the last test during which I had a bout of cough attack....


Fan said...

It was a very Beautiful Saturday for our charity visit, i am so pleased for the drawing session, having fun with the kids and a train games form by the kids. hahahaha!
Dr Razak, Good to know your health is doing very good now.
Congratulations to MF for a new born team in JB. Life is Beautiful!

MF,Keep it up!

ajak said...

fan, you are the GURU

arsaili said...

salam bro...good to hear ur getting better...take a very good care of urself

MC said...

So so so proud of each and every of you guys!

Ways to go MF heroes!

Storm said...

Hey, I havent been to your blog in sooo long! good to catch up and glad to see you are doing well.

Prepare yourself as I will be there soon for papaya!!!!!!