Saturday, September 8, 2007

3 days to chemotherapy

Today I woke up much better. The pain at the Hickman catheter site was much less, and my movement is not like a robot anymore. I can move and turn my head more freely. Not like before whenever I move, the pain will initiates.

The routine started to familiarize. After shower, I ll have my breakfast before the staff nurse will do the dressing around the catheter.I took the chance of my free time to write and do some drawing....yes.. drawing have been my hobby of my early days. But after being a doctor, I left it behind sometime ago. I think this is a good time to start back. Hope that I can still draw well and not losing my touch.

My good friend also gave me a really nice writing book and I think its going to be good if I could use it as another chapter writing and incooperate with some I have a lot of things to be done. Hope I still have a lot of time like now. I knew that the patient next door developed 'bad mucositis' i.e. inflammation inside the mouth,following the chemotherapy and he was not able to take his food and he also has a lot of saliva for him to manage. For that reason, he may need nutrition through the intravenous line. Sound scary...

I would say that my challange may have not come yet since the chemotherapy will only start next week. I pray that the side effect will not be that bad and tolerable so that I can still continue doing what I like to do. As my friend always remind me that God will not challange things that you will not able to bear it...if He is doing so...He will give the courage and strength for us to hang up. Keep yor faith stronger....and pray a lot.


Robin said...

Wolverin - it was really nice to stay in touch with you; and knowing your updated condition.

Yes, do pray; and we are praying together with you.

Keep focusing on the positive side!

Superman said...

Hi Doctor,

It was good to chat with you and able to see you today.

You look very good with that Kool cut.

I will try to get a video camera to show you my messy bedroom & office.

Hope to chat more with you with web cam.