Thursday, September 13, 2007

third day of chemotherapy- the first day of Ramadhan

I was awaken by the alarm set by my wife in early morning as today is the first day of Ramadhan and she has to take the early morning meal (sahur). I just wait another half an hour to stay awake and wait for solat. The hot flushes from chemotherapy which usually happens late night and very early morning was not that bad anymore, but I didn't wear my jacket despite the extreme coolness (as complaint by my wife) in the room.

My brother came in today for admission. He will be getting the GCSF injection (hormone to stimulate the stem cell production and overflow into the peripheral circulation) starting from tommorrow and the next 3 days before he undergoes apharesis (something dialysis) to collect those precious cells. Oh.... (forget to tell). There was a change of plan. The harvesting of stem cells will be done through this method instead through aspiration from the pelvic bone marrow ( since there is a mismatched red blood group and the technical part of it will make the actual amount of stem cell from marrow aspiration is far less than from apharesis).

Apheresis machine

This is Mr Pumpman that I mentioned about. ('He' is much taller and heavier of course, and also clumsy)


Bakawali said...
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Mrs Grumble said...

Dr Bones,
Next year hopefully we can have our fasting this year we only support who is fasting with pray....
Next year we will have it as one family again....
Salam Ramadhan.....

Robin said...

Selamat Berpuasa to my muslim friends who are fasting.

Wolf - you look great and slightly more handsome now.
The nurses are now recognize me, and they will automatically tell me how are you when I step into the ward everytime :-)

How do you that is Mr Pumpman and not Ms Pumplady?

Miss hearing your jokes, Wolf.

Superman said...

Wolf, I like to follow your story.. very lively and interesting..

I will try to be online and login if can while I'm traveling next week.. I will miss talking to you for a little while..

I will remember you through my journey..

Jalifa said...

hi there..

wish u 'much much' fine today..

Happy Ramadhan ya..