Friday, September 7, 2007

4 days to chemotherapy

I woke up quite early today when the staff nurse was busy setting the pre-procedural antibiotic infusion. The antibiotic infusion lasted about an hour.
At 715am, I was pushed on the wheel chair to the ambulance that will carry me to another hospital for the Hickmans catheter insertion. I can't described the feeling of being to the hospital that I used to work and walk around, being pushed to the procedure room on a stretcher along the hallway...I keep smiling to myself ... thinking this is funny and interesting experience.
Upon arrival to the radiology unit, I was approached by the respective radiologist and he explained the step-by-step procedure of Hickmans catheter insertion. I was given a sedation but due to the anxiety, it did not really work. The whole procedure was quite smooth except the final part when the cannula was being pushed hard under the skin of my front chest wall before it enter the right vessel.I can still feel the pain now. Anyway, thanks for the radiologist for the swift procedure.
I went back to the hospital and really dozzed off during the journey...(the sedation just work). I continued sleeping until noon when my stomach called for food...(since I was fasted overnight). The next hours was a painful time when every movement gave me the sharp pain along the tract of the canula under the skin. I guessed the pain thing will disappear in next couple of days.
Tonight, I called my home using the video call through the internet. Thank God, it works. Both of my kids were so excited to see me in the computer screen...and even asking me to kiss them on the camera! I knew I will not missing them so much.
The next 3 days will be my rest day. The chemotherapy (conditioning) will only start on Tuesday.


Robin said...

Today is Day 2 and you are doing great! Keep it up and the gang is with you all the time.

Storm said...

Well, Wolverin, i am not sure that we will let you rest much. We will keep you entertained this weekend. Keep up the journal here, we love reading it!

Superman said...

You are doing great doctor. I will follow you on each day. I am still work with my patients on this weekend so I could have more time to travel the following week. Hope to chat with you when you are online.