Wednesday, September 26, 2007

day eight-post transplant

When I woke up this morning, I felt my mouth really dry and sore. It was a bit painful in some part of my tongue and cheek. I could see from the mirror that the mucositis has slightly worsened. Talking is bit painful but chewing and swallowing are still okay.

I had slight bleeds while passing motion this morning. The pain down there continues since yesterday. It makes my position and movement a bit difficult.

I developed low grade fever since yesterday (could be neutropenic fever i.e fever cause by very low in total white cell). The doctor has started the intravenous antibiotic again.

The whole situation, togather the body aching make me less energetic and moodless, I just spend the whole morning sleeping.

Today, I will be getting another unit of platelet sine the level is still low. My total white count has gone down to 0.15 yesterday and it showed slight increament to 0.18 this morning.

My appetite?....still can't really take. The moment I try, I feel like to throw out....


Robin said...

Don't think of supper food first at this morning, Wolfpup!

Hang in there, and be confident with yourself, and the medical team;
be patience, patience and patience.

This is the re-born process....

Superman said...


How about Sate, Rotee and Pulled Tea? Are these food convince your appetite?

Keep going, Wolfpup! We are waiting to see you out there, soon.

Storm said...

I agree with Robin, just thinking that babies must feel similar to you, Wolfpup. So many sensations and feelings and needing to sleep a lot.

Release yourself to what your body tells you and just ride this part of the treatment as best as possible. You are doing amazing!

Thank you for always thinking of us and updating your blog.

as Robin said, patience, patience, patience.