Monday, September 10, 2007

one day to chemotherapy

As usual, I started my morning with pray and reciting Quran, before then the nurse will make up my bed. While they doing their duty, I took the chance by doing some light physical and stretching exercise and off course blowing the ballon.
Today I will start taking a lot types of pills.i.e. anti-convulsant, antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-virus, liver protective pills, gastric ulcer protective pills. The nurse was quite excellent in explaining hoping that I will get to know each pill and its purpose and by knowing well each of the pills will improve the compliance. I guess so...So this morning alone, I took about 10 pills/capsules in one go. Just gulp... it.GULPPP......I was also started on 4 pints intravenous drip to get more water into my body...that means I will be attending the toilet more often .Therefore, starting from now on, I have to chart down every single thing that come into and out from my body.

I just laid in my bed this afternoon, listening to music from the MP3 and at the same time watching whatever program on TV . There are only basic channel and most of the time aired cartoon and long time ago drama. There is a VCD player, but not interested since I have seen all the movies before. Aaaa...maybe I can start drawing something...
Nothing much tonight. I just had a short videocall with my son and daughter at home. They seem fine. As usual they were asking a new toy, as if that I can buy on my way home very soon. I am little anxious toward the chemotherapy tommorrow. The dosing will be 4 times a day and 2 hours each infusion. I am not sure what kind of feeling that I ll get when the chemotherapy start. The side effects varies among patients, told my hematologist. He advised me to be strong, always think optimist.


Robin said...

I love you art, Wolverin! Draw more!

Superman said...

By the time that you come out from the hospital, you may art work to fill up an art gallery!