Thursday, September 6, 2007

5 days to chemotherapy

Nothing much happened today. I was placed in the room and after I had the 'cleaning' shower, I was allowed to stay ONLY in the room. The nurse then gave me the orientation and some other instructions, the DOs and DON'Ts. A few blood tests were taken and she put me an intravenous line.
Lunch was served and before the food finds its end, tea was served. And then again, the dinner followed in less than a couple of hours from the last 'fuel'. Hmmm...seem my appetite is doing good.
I have no company tonight since my wife went home to settle a few things. She ll come back again tomorrow. I had a chat with my good friends over the net before I felt quite sleepy and exhausted since I did not get any nap today.
Tomorrow, the Hickmans line (special intravenous access) will be inserted and it will be done in another hospital. So I ll be fasting overnight. I got to get up early since they will be leaving early in the morning.
OK. Time to go now...I ll write again tomorrow.


Superman said...

Dear Dr Razak,

It's good to hear from you today. I'm happy to know that you able to be online. I hope to chat with you when you online again. Much love and take care, Wirat.

Storm said...

Hey Wolverin! good to know you are already on your way to this new journey! saw a photo and must say "still handsome" as usual. keep in touch.

Bob Farmer said...

Dear Dr Razak

I was at day zero at the Hutch on Sept 9, 1993.

This is my timeline

Pat told me about you the lst time I was at the TMF office a couple of weeks ago

I wish you the best

Bob Farmer
Bremerton, WA

sue said...

Dear Dr Razak :

i m sue@cuya...friend of Shikin and Jatt....just drop by to say good luck for your operation....all the best...

adi said...

ASm, Ajax...good luck

Robin said...

Get well soon and we will go for supper again!

Batman said...

TEH TARIK is waiting for u!!! Cheers and GOOD LUCK TO U!!!!

Robin said...

Wow, Wolverin with his "V" action!