Thursday, September 6, 2007

the day in room 27

WOW, I am writing from my bed inside my BMT room at a seventh floor of the hospital. It is such a great thing to still get connected.
I came in today, 6th of September. The day that I ve been looking forward and anxious to go through. My wife, kids, my brother and sisters came along to give company and support. I was placed in the isolation room number 27. Before I was asked to clean myself and not be allowed out from the room again, I took the opportunity to stay awhile outside the ward and spend that last little moment with my family before I would be able to hug them sometime much much later. It was almost the end of visiting hours when everyone have to say good bye and gave me warm hugs. My mom gave me her long hugs and there was nothing that I was able to say other than feeling the moment that I know she is really care about me. My two kids acted as normally as if that I ll be back home soon. I guessed that they are still young to understand the whole situation. The most, they will only be asking why it take so long for me to go back home. Anyway I have set up a video call through the net and I am sure they ll not miss me so much and vice versa.
How do I feel now? I don't know. Just now I was really sad when my kids and family disappeared from behind the elevator. About the next few days, I don't really feel anything. The anxiety,the fear...maybe it is yet to come.
But as I had promised to my self, I will always be smiling on my lips and in my heart, whatever the physical and minds are suffering. If not so, at least I will make sure that other people smile at me..................


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum ajak,

i hope that you will getting better soon. i will always praying for your health. remember you are not alone to faced all these things. as a friend, just this wishes may be can make you feel better, hopefully...INSYALLAH

take care ya...

baha jb

Robin said...

Dear Wolverin,

I am glad I could meet you and your family this afternoon - I am touched with everyone in your family, their supports and their love.

Thing will only getting better. So, smile!

The gang will be always with you, and remember our video conference supper time. :-)

Jalie said...

Assalamualaikum my beloved brother!
Be strong as we are child to growing fast and fast...syukur we are still here and our family are getting happier..not all the test from Allah is musibah..Its all are rahmat and its a sign He's never forgot you..and me
I'm always there for you...We will 'reunited' on 18th.. May Allah gives her bless. Amin

jalifa said...

dr razak,
sesungguhnya apa yang berlaku adalah ketentuan Allah SWT..
kita harus redha dan bermohon agar diberi petunjuk ke jalan-Nya..
saya turut mendoakan agar segalanya akan berjalan dengan lancar..amin..

bgtau jalie, suh dia berhenti merokok..hikhik..

Robin said...

27 is the lucky number for Wolverin, no?