Wednesday, September 19, 2007

day zero- transfusion day

18th September 2007

I woke up with residual distress feeling from last night nightmare. I didn't know why I am getting all those bad and distressing dreams lately.
Anyway, despite those feeling, I felt much better since I know the effect is washing away and today will be the day I am getting the new cells from my brother. Thank you, Lie (prounouce as li :the childhood name I use to call him). I didn't know how to express and how much thankful I am to have you around and your caring, and have the same feeling of how important the 'cells' will be to me.


TRANSFUSION IN PROGRESS: my skin getting darker but my hair still intact (maybe next week)

The whole process only took less than a couple of hours and as being expected it was uneventful. To let me more receptive and calm, the doctor gave me sedative and when I got up, everything was over. The rest of the day I felt much better and better.


Mrs Grumble said...

Akum Dr Bones,
Alhamdulillah to hear from you again...
InsyaAllah things will be better for you and Lie..
WE keep our pray with you...

jalifa said...

Dear Dr Razak
nice to hear from you again..
hope everythings gonna be fine ya..

Dear Razalie
hope u'll be fine too..
bluekk..hehe..jgn marah..

ashraf said...

this the 2nd time I access your blogspot but this is the 1st time I really look through. The earlier one I'm using my new dopod. Anyway, be strong just like Sahabah facing Ramadhan. Hopefully, with the barakah of this month you are able to go through. Bye.I have to go now as my family have come to pick me up from work.

Robin said...

Thumbs up, Doc!

Superman said...

Dear Dr Razak,

Thanks for sharing us the photos. It's good to see you and to hear that process went well.

I was very touch by your words about your brother 'Lie'. I hope to meet him when I'm visiting you there.

You are doing good and you can make it.

My pray is always for you.