Thursday, October 18, 2007

day +30 post transplant

I went to hospital today for check up. My blood count continue to improve.
Total white cell count: 8.7 (from 5.14 2 days ago)
Hemoglobin: 15.3 (from 14.4)
Platelet: 45000 (from 32000)
I hope everything is on the right track. My skin GVHD is not progressing further, and I don't have nausea and diarrhea to suspect gut GVHD.
Next week I will be getting intravenous prophylactic anti viral infusion 2 times a week. So, more frequent visit to only outings!
*GVHD: Graft Versus Host Disease means the donor cell (graft) attacking my own cell (host) usually skin, liver and gut)


Robin said...

Hi Wolfpup,

Happy one-month old!
The more frequent you do your hospital outings, that means Robin is able to see you more!

Storm is jealous now...

Am glad to see you well and on the recovery journey. One more day closer.

Storm said...

Hey, the pup is one month old! congratulations! Doing good, steady progress, good job Wolfpup!

Yes, well, Robin just needs to keep bragging about how she gets to see you, and the rest of us missing you....oh well....

Keep up the good work and stop by skype some day...

sbanboy said...

You are doing so well

You are in my prayers

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