Thursday, October 4, 2007

day sixteen-post transplant

Since last night, I was not attached to any intravenous drip/ Mr Pumpman anymore. Huh...what a freedom. Going to toilet and doing anything seems much much easier and natural. I felt more comfortable doing my ritual and not getting effortless anymore pushing the pump machine here and there. Now, only the Hickmans catheter is hanging and swinging on my chest...for the next 3 months!.
I was supposed to be allowed to walk outside of my isolation room yesterday but since the platelet transfusion ended quite late, I didn't had a chance to do so. Maybe today.
My white cell count yesterday was 2.0 and platelet was 19000. Hopefully I can go back this weekend as being planned.


Storm said...

Hi Wolfpup,

I am happy I am beating Robin at leaving you a message.

Hey, wow, no pumpman? Mr pumpman will be lonely, you don't feel sad for him? No you know the meaning of freedom, being able to go to the bathroom, wow.

Hey your kids will be so happy to see you!!!!!

Now you better behave yourself. I am sending Robin to supervise you.

Be good, keep up the great work, every day is getting you closer to full recovery. We are so proud of you!

Robin said...

Wolfpup, see? Everyone missing you so much!

Hooo... Storm! I am giving you a chance to be the first to leave message to Wolfpup today.

Don't be jealous, Storm - I visited Wolfpup this morning, through his room window!

He looks great and yes, he is doing great. One day closer to recovery.

You are always the best, Wolfpup!

Storm said...

Robin, well, now I am very jealous for sure...I cannot see Wolfpup and you can...was the wolverine still handsome???????

Anonymous said...


that are free from Mr pumpman. well just ignore the thing on your chest.... just take it as a badge or maybe temporary tatoo.... time flies.

get well soon..... hope to see you soon. I'm going to Sabah for hariraya... duties call

ok take care,
selamat hari raya to sheliza too.... ketabahan anda ada ganjarannya..InsyaAllah


Robin said...

Wolfpup says: "I am still as handsome as before."

Of course Robin seconds the statement, "I think he is more handsome now, with the big smile!"

Robin is so happy today seeing Wolfpup big nice smile! :-)

Erin (TMF) said...

Hey Wolfpup,

Your superhero-powers seem to be coming through for you! So happy for you.

Take good care,
Erin (TMF)

Alam Setia said...

selamat menyambut syawal yang akan tiba