Saturday, October 20, 2007

day +32 post transplant

To 'commemorate' my one month old 'new life', I would like to remind myself on certain issues:
1. FOOD: One of the biggest challange in taking care what I am taking everyday, I should avoid from taking HOT AND SPICY foods (as you know most Malaysian way of cooking are indispensible of chilli and spices). kick la!!
( I guess 'ORIGINAL RECIPE KFC' should be okay?)
I cannot simply go dine out especially fast food, ordering from any common by the road side stall or eating buffet kind of food. (Argh...forget the above). As far as possible, I should get freshly cooked food as this will significantly reduced the bacterial contamination. Don't take salad or ulam ( a lot to be missed!..). Don't take undated product tit bits, cannot take my favourite peanuts, Nasi Lemak without 'sambal' ( just imagine), no Roti Canai ( I guess home made can but eat plain one..hehehe)...bla...bla and many more...
2. OUTING: Whenever I am out, I should be well covered from head to toe, long sleeve, trouser, cap@ head cover, face mask and sun block. This is to reduce probability of getting skin GVHD that may be triggered from direct sun exposure. Its kind of wierdo for the first time, but I have used to it now.....especially when people around started to stare at me.

3. PERSONAL HYGIENE: Every normal routine should be done extra 'clean' @ aseptic from brushing my teeth, regularly rinse my mouth with special antimicrobial mouth wash, shower with antimicrobial shower cream, antiseptic hand wash. Always put on moisturizer lotion the whole body and don't scratch. Take care well my Hickman's line and dress the ports with gauze. (I usually spend 30 minutes to 45 minutes to get all done).
4. SOCIAL CONTACT: I should limit my visitors/ disallowed them if they are having fever, cough or runny nose.

*The above should be maintained for at least 3 to 6 months. Hopefully it will end sooner. Sigh...


k.hawk said...

yes,razak. glad that u remember all the do's & the don'ts! afterall it's for ur own protection mah.

dun worry. it will end in no time.

Storm said...

hey Wolverine, wow, taking care of simple things can be a big chore!

Well, please do everything by the book, we need you to get strong and healthy.

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah you're progressing pretty well.Syukur dpt beraya di rumah bersama keluarga. Sorrylah, saya ni bukan selalu online jadi don't know your situation day by day. Anyway,as usual byk bersabar. Anggap ini saya anugerah Allah utk mempertingkatkan taraf keimanan jak.